The On/Off Crew Of the "Bajin"

Jim McCrindle

Retired fishing skipper, now Dunure Harbour Master, seldom seen in photos and even rarer seen smiling

Ian McCrindle

Owned the Huntress with my father now working at Ayr
Harbour in the Pilot Office

Marc McCrindle

Cadet engineer with Dof, due to qualify in June this year.

Gregg McCrindle

2nd Engineer with Gulf Offshore, appears now and then, gets verbally abused throughout the whole trip to the creels, then gets off and vows never to go on the boat again

Barry McCrindle

Chief Engineer on the Motor Yacht Elisabeth F.  Apparently when at home he comes home with various smelly fish and equally smelly clothes to dump on his long suffering other half while demanding coffee, baths & dinner from the comfort of the couch!