Type Of Gear Being Used

We have a mixture of creels, all have been adapted throughout last year by Ian McCrindlle, some of the improvments included bait bags, new soft eyes.
At present we have about 80 creels, after starting with more singles last year, it was found to be much easier fishing them in fleets of 10, hauling, baiting and re-shooting the creels could be done in 15 minutes instead of 3 minutes for each single creel
This year we are going to try out bait tubes with the salted mackerel ground through a mincer.

New additional gear purchased this year include 15 American Stlye Rectanglular Creels, made form Aqua mesh, these will be fished in a mixed fleet to compare them to standard creel, these were supplied by GT Products.  Also supplied by the company were the new keep creels,
claw bands, lobster and crab measuring gauge

Gill Nets

We used two multimonofilament gill nets towards the end of last summer, these were fishing 75 yds long, 10 feet deep, with 110mm mesh,  having never used anything like this before it was a learning curve, filled with crabs and sea weed!!!!  the nets fished well and were only catching prime bass and mullet with no under sized fish, with the odd lythe now and then.

The two nets we have are bottom fishing nets and these will be changed to surface nets to reduce the crabs tangles up in them.

The main problem we encountered was the seals, as  everyday there was at least  several fish with bites out them or their bodies completely gone,  the discussion on seal culls will no doubt ramble on and on, but something will need to be done to control the ever expanding population in the very near future, whether the tree huggers like it or not.

Scallop Dredge

My Friend kindly brought me one of these back from New Zealand, hydrofoil dredges self surface when towed in the opposite direction to the main tow  Once you have your dredge on the way up or on the surface on the reverse tow you shoot a carabina clip roped to a float down the tow rope. Once the carabina has passed over the lift/N/Hold device and the float over the dredge head you back off the power and the dredge is trapped on the surface.