Jigging Machines

After getting the boat last year we bought a hand gurdy and stripper, this worked well, but after winding for 2 or 3 hours, the appeal of this soon wears off.

North East Fabricators Ltd Hand Gurdy and stripper

This year we have bought two Belitronic BJ5000 electronic jigging machines from Ivan Dale, the Irish distributor of these units, his company "Hooks & Lines" also supplied traces, monofilament line, strippers, the pulleys and rollers needed to set the system up for mackerel fishing.

  supplied various different lures and traces , to experiment with, this will let us determine what gear will work best in the Clyde. Fairwater will either supply ready tied gear or kits containing all of the items needed to tie your own, to contact Ed click the link above to access Fairwater website




Belitronic Jigging Machines Description

Belitronic's electronic fishing machine gives commercial fishermen more time for fishing and make their work more easier.

Belitronic started to produce the world's first automatic jigging machine 23 years ago. Today, we are manufacturing the fourth generation, the BJ5000, which has a capacity to catch tons of fish daily. Thanks to its rugged construction, the BJ5000 can pull up fish weighing between one kilo and 250 kilos. However, the main reason for the robot's outstanding performance is its advanced technology: a micro-processor-equipped control unit with software based on the experience of thousands of commercial fishermen over the years. Belitronic's fishing robots have become a profitable supplement and alternative to other fishing methods. The equipment functions automatically since it is programmed to suit the actual fishing area, the fishing method and type of fish. The controls are set up very simply. One man can manage several robots at the same time. Belitronic's BJ5000 fishing robot is excellent for fishing cod, coalfish, halibut and all types of fish that normally bite hooks, especially those present directly near the bottom.

The robot can be used for ordinary vertical jig fishing between specific depth, or it can be set to follow the structure of the seabed. The robot can also be used for squid - and mackerel fishing. With a simple attachment, the capacity of the system can exceed several hundred kilo per hour for squid and mackerel.

Belitronic's fishing robot is extremely environment friendly The jig fishing method is selective and catches only "adult" fish. The sea bottom is not disturbed or damaged. In other methods, equipment can be lost and drift around in seas, fishing for itself and causing much damage over the years.
With the Beltronic automatic jigging technique, there is virtually no loss of any fishing equipment.

Beltronic's fishing robot provides catches of superior quality. Eighty-five to 90 percent of the fish caught with the jig fishing method is of high quality. No other fishing technique can come close to matching the results of automatic jigging.

Beltronic's fishing robots are a profitable investment. Small vessels with low operating and capital costs, a minimum crew and Belitronic jigging machines can catch fish of the highest quality in a manner that is cost-effective and safe for the environment.