Suppliers Used & Links To Useful Sites

  • - Supplied tracees, kits and advice

  • Calum Nicoll supplied our high quality multi mono bass and mullet nets, friendly quality service. Contact Calum on or phone 07887488592

  • - Supplied our Keep creels and our new American style creels for some of their range of products download a catalogue here

  • Hooks & Lines- Supplied our Jigging machines, traces and strippers.  Also supplied valueable advice, for Hooks & lines catlogue please click here.

  • Osprey Offshore Fishing Gear - Inovative plastic panels for replacing netted creel panel.  Also many more items for creeling and other fishing consumables

                 Other Links To Items Of Interest

  • R.P.C Superstores - Anything and everything you'll ever need

  • Fishing Licence Forum: Excellent site for info on licences for under 10's and lots of other useful discussions

  • Fishing Boat Videos: Buy the latest "At The Fishing" volumes either in DVD of VHS, also lots of photos of different fishing boats